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- President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mike Rowe

I like the dude. I really do... but even though it's important in order to protect the species as a whole, and even though the shark was going to die any ways because she swallowed a second hook... It hurt to watch him perform that necropsy on that shark last night. Dude didn't even like... give her a pain killer or anything before he cut into her.

Any ways, Shark Week is in full swing. Tomorrow they are going to replay this year's Myth Buster's Shark Week special. Perhaps Kim will be willing to record it and watch it with me...

All right, a re-run last night of a South African aquatic wildlife expert named Mark something was simply amazing. He swam without scuba or a shark suit with frickin' tiger sharks. Tiger Sharks. Let me clue you in to what a tiger shark is. Tiger sharks are the second largest predatory shark, after the great white. These animals get up to 24 feet long, with the average being around eighteen feet or so. These suckers resemble Beech Craft airplanes more than they do fish.

He... hand... fed... these animals.

Now, I like Shark Week. I appreciate the place that sharks have in the food web. Circle of life, and all that, right? I can honestly say... I don't ever want to swim with tiger sharks or frickin' hand feed them!

Any ways, Mike Rowe killed a Greenland Shark for science, and a South African wildlife expert can use his titanium testicles as ballast every time he dives.

Shark week. Start watching it.


Kimber said...

I am glad you are enjoying SHARK WEEK. I have no interest in sharks whatsoever and am glad you have sharkVO! nom nom nom...

Drunken Chud said...

the mythbuster special is replaying twice tonight.

Drunken Chud said...

i saw that program this past evening. i have determined per our conversations a while ago and thusly, that you sir are a sucker to shark myths. yes, tigers are huge, yes, they historically are second in line worldwide in shark attacks. however, that still amounts to about 3-5 people a year. millions of sharks, 3-5 people. sharks are not mindless eathing machines. i've done my share of snorkel and scuba and played with my share of sharks. they are actually quite docile. seriously, i look at sharks the way i look at horses, don't cause no drama, won't be no drama. they're an apex predator for a reason. sure the horse analogy loses something when you bring horses into the mix, but i compare size and speed to make the comparison. one day, you and i are hitting the barrier reef in july so we can see some whites and reefs have a day chasing sharks.

Krissyface said...

I am going to North Carolina in two weeks, where they have a great aquarium with a guy who swims with sharks. My daughter was so impressed with this, during the Q and A period, she asked, "What's up with those sharks?"

I can't wait to go back.

andrealamorand said...

I thought of you a couple nights ago at work... a kid was watching Shark Week. I got SO pissed too because I wanted to DVR it and I totally forgot! I hope shark week was as good as you had anticipated!

deryke said...

mike rowe is awesome.

i didnt think he' be so big!
(get it? mike rowe? micro? ha!)